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Secure the best people into your business in 14 days.


Whether you are looking for a senior niche hire, a whole team or to transform your entire recruitment capability, Talented Hires is your proven strategic partner.


Hiring the right person can be challenging, but we will find the right crypto talent to help your business grow for years to come.

Project Services

Providing business-critical IT project expertise and implementation of new solutions.

Managed Services

We go beyond filling roles and deliver value across the entire acquisition lifecycle. Enhanced quality, cost and speed is achieved through programmes of continuous innovation.

Engineering Specialisations

Site reliability


Smart Contracts

Back end


Easily grow your team

Hire within 14 days

Secure the best talent

Deliver projects ahead of schedule

Our unique market insight and delivery system secures SRE hires within 14 days.


Agree on a success plan and create an exciting job description.



Unique automated inbound sourcing strategy.



Candidates thoroughly interviewed and scored



Secure full candidate commitment including counter-offer management.


Support first day preparations and help your new hire become settled and productive.

Most Engineers are not actively looking. They will move for their dream job.

We’re connected with 80% of the crypto market.

We know who is looking and can predict those ready for a change.


5 steps to your dream job

Understand Your Needs

We take the time to understand your situation. Let’s work out what’s missing.

Tailored Alerts

You’ll be notified of jobs that are a great match. We work with the most exciting and fastest-growing companies.

CV Writing Support

Showcase your skills, experience and achievements effectively.

Interview Preparation

We have deep knowledge of the interview process. We’ll help you prepare.

Secure You The Best Offer

Our negotiation skills will secure you a market-leading salary and benefits package.

Do you want …

Intellectual challenge

High growth projects

Personal development

Career progression

Flexibile working

happy people

We care deeply about finding the right people for the right role.

Our mission is to secure great job satisfaction for candidates and excellent retention for our customers.

With an unrivalled thirty-year history of sourcing over 1,000 passive candidates, you can trust Talented Hires to secure your senior hires within 14 days.

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